The Show.

The Consequences - Encore Theater Co. - August 4 & 6, 2011 - Dayton, OH
Book by Kyle Jarrow
Music & Lyrics by Nathan Leigh and Kyle Jarrow
Directed by Shawn Hooks
What if you never got over your first love? What if the one you met in high school really was “the one”? When two high school friends meet again 10 years after graduation, pulses race, truths revealed and sparks fly in this new 3-person rock musical from the writers that have created A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology PageantBig Money, Gorilla ManPresident Harding is a Rock Star, Song of Songs,  Whisper House and the popular Brooklyn-based indie-pop band Super Mirage.
ETC is proud to present this new musical in development from one of the most fascinating composing voices of our generation, the writing team of Jarrow & Leigh.


Book by Kyle Jarrow

Music & Lyrics by Nathan Leigh and Kyle Jarrow


Now & Then (10 years ago)


East Coast (NJ) & West Coast (Portland, OR)


Jeremy, 31.

Ellie, 28.

Narrator, a weatherman, 40.


  • Walk Out the DoorEllie, Jeremy, Narrator
  • Fuck This ShitEllie, Jeremy
  • All That You’re Touching is SkinEllie
  • Mister WalkerJeremy
  • Everything’s GreatEllie, Jeremy, Narrator
  • Tonight It’s PerfectEllie, Jeremy
  • Someone Like MeJeremy
  • Sound of My VoiceEllie
  • Troll DanceInstrumental
  • Someone Like Me (Reprise)/Swept AwayJeremy
  • Do You Know MeEllie
  • Love ThemeInstrumental
  • Forks and SpoonsEllie
  • Tonight It’s Perfect (Reprise)Ellie, Jeremy

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